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A NEW ADDITION! We are proud to announce our cooperative effort with Crafty Celts Jewelers.
New to the designs available are 5 new shirt designs based on jewelry designs by Master Vortigren (Danny Hansen) of Crafty Celt Jewelry. These designs printed on Ring spun, garment dyed cotton, Comfort Color brand t-shirts are a soft and cozy shirt that compliment the design. Available in sizes small to 4x, the designs are available on five different colors. Red, Orange, Purple, Green and Grey.
We hope you enjoy and are excited about this pairing as we are.

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Gulf Wars XXIX Items done.

Gulf Wars XXIX items have been taken down from the site and its time to move on to Pennsic and several new designs we’ve had planned and have been working on. Some awesome things in production and we can’t wait to share them with you and make them available soon.
We want to thank everyone for your interest and support in what could have been a devastating outcome. Though we are heartbroken that we didn’t get to attend the event and that it was called off, and that we didn’t get to see our friends, customers, meet new friends and enjoy the event we are deeply appreciative of our interactions and the turnout of love and support and interest in our designs that helped us through this difficult situation. We look forward to seeing everyone again and make up for lost time next year.
We look towards the summer now and though Pennsic has been postponed till next year we already have a design up and have more planned in the upcoming weeks. So look to the site periodically and check out what we’ve been working on and will be producing.
Highest regards,
Mike and Sherry
Earl Benen Mactire KSCA, OL, OP
Countess Rosabel de Burgundy OL

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A War With No Enemies

Years ago we came up with that slogan and have made it part of our design each year since. You’ll find it printed somewhere on the shirt. And it reflects how we feel about the event and the friendships we experience and the good times we have at this event. Its one of the reasons its grown so much. That and the push that Sherry and I along with our Ansteorran counterparts while we were on the throne back during Gulf Wars 2 and moved the event from June into March. Making it considerably cooler and allowing more people to attend since it no longer competed with other events. Since then, event organizers have adopted it as part of the war theme. It is also reflected in the culmination of the war always being announced as a tie. (Everyone knows who has bragging rights, but are very happy with the outcome)But most importantly, that despite a war themed event, we are spending time with old friends and new. And though we may beat eachother mercilessly during the day, some of the most enduring friendships are made afterwards.

We’re off to war and we’re bringing some great new designs and of course a commemorative event shirt.
This will be our 28th year at Gulf Wars.

Despite over 3000 pre-registrations, the current health scare and concern that some people had, and the possibility of a canceled event we waited till the last minute to print. As a result, we will be bringing less Gulf Wars shirts than usual. We’ll be offering four colors of shirts and the usual t-shirts, longsleeves and hoodys you look forward to seeing. Come by and say hi, get your war shirt early to have the best selection of colors and sizes. Because of the limited supply, we’ll be offering mail orders of the event shirt off the web site till May 23. Just in case you missed the event, were having too much fun to stop by and pick one up from us at the event or somehow forgot, you’ll have plenty of time after to place an order. We’ll be doing one reprint after May 23 and ship everything out then.

Have a safe trip, we look forward to seeing you at the event.

Mike & Sherry (Benen & Rosabel)


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Another Pennsic

Well, another Pennsic is in the books. We want to thank all our repeat patrons and those that have been purchasing from us over time for stopping by and getting this years shirts and enjoying our new designs. And we want to welcome our first time and new customers. It was great to meet you and we’re glad you chose us for your commemorative Pennsic t-shirt or enjoyed one of our many stock designs we offered.
Its great to see familiar faces and we like it when you stop by and reconnect and say hi.
This year we did something a little different. Many of you noticed that we consolidated to one tent this year. This made set up and take down a bit easier and allowed to reconfigure the layout of the area to better serve our customers. It made it easier to see the designs and there was a bit more room to move around the shop and view items. Hopefully you liked it.

Over the next few days, we’ll be getting unpacked and start to process the mailorders we took, take inventory and of course, put our production facility back in sorts since it was a bit of chaos getting ready. Currently you can order Pennsic t-shirts, and hoodies and we’re working on getting youth and ladies t-shirts up on the site and available for order.

As always, thanks for your patronage and we look forward to seeing you next year.
Come see us at Gulf Wars in March.

Mike & Sherry

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Welcome to renarts-design!

Join us as we step off into another adventure and explore the possibilities and potential of the Internet.

It has taken us a long time to get here and we look forward to the journey.

The addition of this new website is our hope to expand our market and to offer to even more people the products and screenprinting and design services we offer. Browse the site, see what we have to offer. We’ll be adding more designs, and services as we progress.

Be it custom screenprinting services for your group, club, school, band, small or big company or the appreciation of our stock designs of medieval and or dog themed products we hope you find satisfaction with Renaissance arts & Design.